48-88 EUR
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
30 May

AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra

48-88 EUR

5020 Salzburg, Austria

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AC/DC Tribute Show “Highw...
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
01 June, 19:30 Vienna 48-98 EUR Buy

About the show

AC/DC Tribute Show in Salzburg!

Fans of the legendary AC/DC in Salzburg, are you ready to attend a live concert of your favorite rock band? You have such an opportunity! Because incredible artists are coming to you and on May 30, 2024, with a fantastic lineup, they are ready to amaze you with a fresh, but always powerful sound, because only this is what the songs of the Australian band that turned the world of rock music upside down and sent it "Highway to Hell" deserve! And we would like to invite you to travel to "Highway to Symphony", thanks to a musical show that has no analogues and will undoubtedly remain in your memory for a long time as a bright and pleasant memory.

"Highway to Symphony" – ACDC Tribute Show with Symphony Orchestra!

So, who is this mysterious lineup that will surely transport you to the world of legendary rock? To recreate two eras of AC/DC's music, they will gather on stage:

  • The tribute band charged with the energy of Australian rock - "The Jack".

  • The best voice of Bon Scott in the world of AC/DC fan clubs and the vocalist of the tribute band "The Jack" - Jack Frost.

  • Specially invited vocalist, who will become the voice of Brian Johnson for the evening - Dodo "Brian" Shimun.

  • For the symphonic accompaniment of the concert will be responsible talented and professional - "Lords Of The Sound".

An explosive show awaits you: the best hits and guitar riffs of two eras of AC/DC, overwhelming energy, symphonic integrations and interpretations of hard rock, sounding as close to the original as possible! Buy tickets on our website or at the box office of your city and go on "Highway to Symphony"!

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